Worship Me and Give yourself to me by saying

Victoria is a brown goddess
who I admire.
I desire her so much
my mind grows to tire.
Make my love for Victoria be stronger and true,
make me more wealthy
so Victoria can do what she wants to do.
I am Victorias bitch for the rest of my life,
Victoria will have all my love more than I should give a wife

Now I will use this for Financial Domination, or just Light Domination. I feel all men should worship me. Now my financial domination has nothing to do with me stealing from you, you give the world to me. I don’t want your credit card number and all that, I want all over you. So you work hard to give me all the things I want and need.

I know you think Financial Domination is mostly about money but its not really like that. Those girls that rob a guy blind are just greedy girls. Financial is just a gift of a person self they give. When you worship a black goddess then you honor her with gifts. I want to be honored and things given to me.



Shemale Financial Domination. Shemale Control

Shemale Financial Domination. Shemale Control

Only Watch Shemale, Transsexual, Tgirl Porn

I don’t want you looking at biological women anymore unless they are fucking a guy with a strap on.  You are to focus on dick.  You are to eat, sleep , and drink and think of dick or cock.

If you get thirsty when you drink you will think you are drinking your queens fluids.

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Look at my cock pictures and focus on me.


Shemale Cum Load

Shemale Cum Load

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I deserve so much better

I want you to give me the world.  I deserve the world.  No man should ever resist me once I get my power back.  This place slows me down but I will be on top again and when I do all you slaves better be ready.  I want the world and I will have the world.  I don’t care how much weight I gain that does not stop me from putting this big long hard dick down your throat and choking you.

You will be my slave for the rest of your life and you might as well not fight it.  I will get so far in your head then when you do  try to fight me I will still be locked in head and you will think of me every time you have sex with someone else.



Shemale Vicki Pennylviana

Black Shemale Vicki for guys to worship her. shemalevicki@gmail.com

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A slave called me for a spanking

Well a slave contacted me for a spanking. I told him to come over, because I am bored. I waited for him with my paddle, belt, switch from a tree, and board.

He walked in, and I looked at him and said, “You are in the presence of a mistress drop down to your knees.” He looked at me with watery eyes because he knew he had met the one that was going to control him. He said, “Yes Mistress Black Queen.” He was on his knees as I walked around him and laughed at him. I said, “Take your clothes off and put on the panties I have on the counter but do all this on the floor cause you are to always have to look up to me.”

He took of all his clothes and crawled over to the counter and put the panties on. He looked so cute in the link pink thong panties with a bow in the front and 2 boys on the side. He little white cheeks were just hanging out that thong, and I was so turned on. I told him, “Bend over on all fours and arch your back cause your mistress is about to make that ass red!”

I took that soft end of his and I gave him a spanking. As I was spanking him, I said, ” Compliment your goddess, mistress, black queen. Now bitch!” The entire time he told me, “You are beautiful, powerful, and the most desirable person on the planet in my eyes.” As he was telling me more and more compliments I spanked him more and more and more. I had him over my knee like the sorry worthless slave he was.

Then I made him tonge my ass. I looked at him and told him his purpose in life is to have his tongue in my ass. I am his queen and he will worship me from head to toe. The entire time I was taking his money while his tongue just licked and licked me as my long clit started to rise.

I turned around and saw his face and I shoved my 7 1/2 inches down his throat. I was fucking his throat so good and hard till he came all over my feet. I laid back on my desk and made him lick my toes clean.

I said, “Now get dressed and get the fuck out.”


Spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank to your tight end the next time.